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Smartboard solutions for your business.

System Integration

Smart DT uses Digital Smart boards enriched with integrated data from various sources and combined to maximise effective targeted solutions such as Parking data, Directions, Community Alerts, Emergency Services alerts or simply just your inhouse digital menu combined with Digital Advertisements.
Let the Smart DT professionals design your solution.


The Smart DT team can provide you with an cost effective digital marketing solution tailored to best suit your business – ask our team how.

Smart boards for Smart cities

We all know how effective digital media is….and why limit this to an app on your phone?

An Smart DT solution will include “smart boards” which may include critical information about the immediate area (Flood or Bushfire alerts) – and also advertisements from local business – remember not everyone will use their mobiles especially when driving

Help & Support

To ensure your information is always out there reaching your customers we have around the clock monitoring of all the components* of your service.

Our support team are available to diagnose and rectify any issues at any time.

* Solution specific: We will service assure any hardware/Software that comprise the Smart DT solution.

Why Smart Digital Technology

Cloud Solution

Our SaaS cloud solution, makes helps us get you online fast to get you up and running.

Experienced Professionals

We have experienced professionals to assess your requirements and make sure you get the best solution for your business.

Advanced Solutions

Our solution is flexible and offers a variety of features to help you manage your smart board solution. 

You will be able to manage multiple boards from one location.

Competitive Prices

We offer flexible solutions to suit your business needs and budgete.

End to End solution

We ensure you have everything you need. We support low cost and high end devices provided through our partner network.

Partner network

Our partners are ready to provide additonal functionality to help you extend our solution. 

This include people counting, parking solutions, way finding, number plate reading and more.

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